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If you have decided to go ahead and book your Cat or Cats here at Karlskoga Cat Hotel, here are a few items you should be aware of

 1. That your cat is healthy, in the sense that it cannot infect another cat.
 (We unfortunately cannot accept your cat if it has a infectious disease,  suspected or unconfirmed condition, or carrying any  parasites, mange or fleas. In case of suspicion visit a vet in advance of your stay so you don't have to be denied upon arrival here).

2. Your cat has a current vaccination against Cat pest and cat runny nose. Please bring your vaccination card with you
Keep in mind to not vaccinate your cat to close to your stay. It could put your cat through some stress due to the vaccination and the cat can then feel bad, this can also cause your cat to vomit which could lead to the vaccine not working. We recommend you to not vaccinate later than 2 weeks before arrival date.

3. Print and complete the check-in form, which you can find by following the link below, please bring it with  you when you drop off your cat.

Link To Check-in Form

4. Please bring something that has your cat's scent, a favourite toy blanket or similar, also bring a brush if you would like us to groom your cat during their stay.

5. It is very good if your cat is insured. But not a requirement.
(If your cat is not insured, reflect on how you want us to take action if your cat becomes sick during the duration of the stay, a visit to the vet can be from 600 kr upwards).

6. We don't accept un-castrated male cats.

7. We ask for 250 kr payment at time of booking to hold your place, and the balance to be paid 14days before your arrival date.

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